Making important arguments on non-violence and Mahatma Gandhi, a class XI student from Central Hindu Boys School in Varanasi, delivered a powerful speech that is now going viral on social media.

The boy named Ayush Chaturvedi gave the speech during one of his school events on September 9 and people can’t appreciate him enough for his eloquence, boldness and clarity of thought.

Telegraph India

He starts his speech by sharing an anecdote from Mahatma Gandhi’s life, when he was thrown out of a train by a white man. He throws light on how that one incident shaped the leader’s thinking and prompted him to follow non-violence that changed the course of history.

Ayush also spoke about that tragedy of the fact that people from Gandhi’s country don’t know enough about him.

While adding why he thinks Mahatma Gandhi gave us an important lesson in inclusivity.

He then, said a few words about non-violence being the most powerful weapon.

And ended his speech by saying that Mahatma Gandhi can never die, because he is a thought, an idea – and ideas are bulletproof.

His speech is being shared by many, with many appreciating his opinions and confidence. 

While some may differ with his opinions, there is no denying the fact that his fearlessness at this age is something we can all learn.