We're way past the point where climate change is looming over our oblivious heads. We've officially entered into a climate emergency. And if you don't start taking this seriously we're doomed, to say the least.

1. Don't have to listen to us. Take this report seriously about the climate 'emergency'.

Source: BusinessToday

2. Himalayan Glaciers have stood strong forever. But they're dying all thanks to us.

Source: NYTimes

3. The melting rate is far too rapid for our own good.

Source: NationalGeographic

4. Some reports even say 2050 is a conservative estimate.

Source: LiveScience

5. India is a frontrunner in terms of damage caused.

Source: BusinessStandard

6. We're facing the worst water crisis and we still waste this precious resource.

Source: Guardian

7. We've not just caused global warming. We've also sped it up by 70 years.

Source: Time

8. An apocalyptic future is at our doorstep.

Source: Firstpost

9. That's how much deforestation we've caused.

Source: StraitsTimes

10. We've taken water for granted far too long and there's probably nothing we can do to avoid a full-blown crisis.

Source: BangalorMirror

11. Just imagine a day without water. That is going to be the rest of your life.

Source: NPR

12. World leaders, are you listening?

Source: Fortune

13. Most prominent coastal cities are on their way to being submerged in the ocean.

Source: Mashable

14. We HAVE to take action NOW. Though we should've done it long ago.

15. Day zero is the day we exhaust all resources and it is near.

Source: WeatherChannel

16. We've taken wildlife for granted to the extent that their literally vanishing from the face of the Earth at an alarming rate.

17. Still not real enough?

Source: HindustanTimes

18. 2050 is just a few years away.

Source: Independent

If this isn't a wake up call, we don't know what will be.