The World Economic Forum commenced in Davos, Switzerland this year. And like it is every time, this year too witnessed world leaders gathering to discuss issues that affect the opposite end of the economic spectrum.

To add to the tainted record of an already questionable agenda, a recent report revealed that 1500 private jets flew attendees to Davos to speak about… ahem… carbon emissions and climate change.

Yes, 1500 private jets! To put it in perspective, according to, a single air trip from New York to Zurich emits 7 metric tonnes of carbon. You may do the math for 1500 jets. 

Motion to rename the 2019 chapter of the World Economic Forum to World Ironic Forum.

A notable rebuttal to the irony of it all was expertly put by one articulate panellist at one of the WEF discussions.

In response to the criticism, Oliver Cann of the World Economic Forum said, 

“We have been offering incentives to participants to use public transport for some years. We also ask that they share planes if they have to use them; something that has been gaining popularity in recent years.”

But the Twitterverse wasn’t having any of it.

Irony seems to be an unofficial attendee at the WEF.