In the recent years, as a lot of news has become increasingly biased, Indian comedians have actually come out as the voice of reason. Ironic, but true (and entertaining too). Now, as the nation is rocked by the anti-CAA stir, they are trying to do their bit.

The National

In a bid to raise funds as well as awareness about the anti-CAA/NRC movement, several of India’s leading comedians are putting on a massive show at Mumbai’s Rang Mandir on 30th Jan.

The event is being organised by the Internet Freedom Foundation (IFF), which works to ensure that Indian citizens can use the Internet with liberties guaranteed by the Constitution.

The money raised will be donated to various organizations that are working to help the protests against CAA-NRC and will also be used to provide legal aid to democratic and peaceful protesters.

It’s heartening to see so many people in the spotlight come out and actually do something for the cause. Let’s hope everything goes smoothly.


Venue – Bal Gandharva Rang Mandir, Bandra Junction 24th and 32nd Road, Near Patwardhan Park, Off Linking Road, Bandra West, Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400050

Date – 30th January, 2020
You can get tickets to the event here.