They say ‘Clothes maketh the man.’ Many swear by this and let fashion take precedence over comfort. And then there are those, for whom comfort stands way before fashion, and well, sometimes even decorum.

If you put comfort over fashion while looking through your closet and your local stores for items that will work, you’ll probably also agree with these things!

1. Your closet consists of 10 T-shirts and 3 pajamas.

2. You wear T-shirt and jeans/pajamas to every place.

3. You only dress up fearing guards at some place won’t let you in.

4. To you, Gucci and Zara are names of your friends’ dogs, not brands.

5. Footwear shopping means buying flip-flops. Or sandals, which is the only upgrade.

6. You were happier in school when you wore uniform.

7. According to you, uniform should be compulsory in college and office too!

8. Your mother, sister or girlfriend gets you clothes to wear half the time.

9. Money given by parents to buy clothes is spent well.

10. Even when you go for shopping, you choose one comfy tee and buy all the colours available.

11. Heels remind you of Hitchcock’s Vertigo.

12. You still wear the pair of jeans you bought half a decade back.

13. You love the fact that you’re a hosteller. If you’re not one, you envy them. Day scholars are expected to doll up for class every day while hostellers are forgiven for every fashion suicide they commit!

Has anyone seen my lungi?