Necessity is the mother of invention. I must have written this quote 500 times in my school essays, but it has never been as relevant as it is right now.

So we all know immunity plays a big role in the recovery process of Covid-19. 

And we are all so scared and desperate, that we’d do just about anything to feel safer. Cashing in on this sentiment, Dairy Day, a popular ice cream brand in South India, has launched Chyawanprash flavoured ice cream.

We are not making this up. The brand has decided to make ice creams which have immunity boosting ingredients like amla, dates and honey.

Moreover, they have haldi-flavoured ice cream, which has honey, turmeric and pepper.

Amla and pepper in ice cream. Did you think you will see this day? (Well, nevermind, that’s not a question one should ask in 2020).

Now I’d personally rather have tinde than Chyawanprash ice cream, and Twitter seems to be in agreement with me.

Mom might want to fund this.