Amid all the last-minute purchases during past few days, an interesting trend has been noted.

A considerable increase in the sale of condoms.

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Which shouldn’t come as a surprise, considering there isn’t much to do when you can’t get out of your home.

As per a report from Hindustan Times, the sale of condoms has increased by 25-50 per cent for some retailers.

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The report also quoted a South Mumbai medical shop owner – Harshal Shah – as saying:

People now have a lot of time, and they are bored at home. People usually prefer buying a pack of three, but in the last week most of them have purchased packs of 10 and 20.
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Whereas another shop owner – Dinesh Kumar Sharma – from Gurugram noted:

Jo log condom ke pehle 1-1 packet le jaate the, woh ab 2-2 packet le jaane lage hai. In products ki sale 1-2 hafto se increase hui hai, specially jab se malls ka shutdown hona shuru hua hai.

There has also been an increase in birth control products and well, sex toys, because you gotta keep yourself entertained. Also, amid all this, PornHub has announced that people all over the world have free access to their premium stuff now.


Well, whatever motivation it takes for people to stay home.