Sometimes we end up saying something that we didn’t mean to, thanks to the slip of the tongue. 

According to reports, Former Congress MLA Surender Kumar unintentionally raised ‘Priyanka Chopra zindabad’ slogans instead of cheering for party leader Priyanka Gandhi during a public rally on Sunday. 

The three-time MLA can be heard shouting “Sonia Gandhi zindabad! Congress party zindabad! Rahul Gandhi zindabad! Priyanka Chopra zindabad!” (instead of Priyanka Gandhi Vadra) in a video that has gone viral on social media. 

He was corrected by Delhi Congress chief Subhash Chopra who can be seen standing next to him in the video. After realizing his mistake Surender apologized to the public and corrected his statement by saying ‘Priyanka Gandhi zindabad’.

This obviously led to thousands of meme inspired tweets and jokes on Twitter after the video went viral. Take a look. 

Funny indeed!