Among the many protests we have seen, this unique protest by a Congress leader called Twitter bird is going viral on social media. Here's why. 

Following the ban on Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account, these Andhra Pradesh Congress workers protested with a fried Twitter bird and sent it to Twitter India's headquarters. 

Source: Deccan herald

In the video, the son of former MP Harsha Kumar is frying the metaphorical "Twitter bird" for not promoting Congress tweets and locking Rahul Gandhi's account. 

Have a look at the video.

Here's how netizens are reacting to it. 

"Twitter, you have made a mistake by locking Rahul Gandhi's Twitter account and not promoting our tweets. So, we are frying this (Twitter bird) and sending it to the headquarters in Gurgaon [Gurugram] and Delhi," the congress leader said.

What are your comments on this?