According to a report by DFC Intelligence, 3.1 billion people were active gamers by the middle of 2020 which is equal to almost half the number of people on the planet. 

The findings also show that the mobile games industry make almost half the total number of gamers. Only 8% of the total are console gamers. 

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Whereas, 48% which is equal to 1.5 billion users shared that they prefer using PC over consoles when it comes to gaming. 

As per sources, the report states that at one point, gamers who use consoles and mobile devices overlap.


The reports suggested that Asian countries had the highest number of bulk players, amounting to a whopping 1.42 billion players. This number also makes up for half the planet’s gaming community. 

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Well, the next time you feel guilty while playing a video game, remind yourself that you’re not alone. Literally almost half the people on the planet are doing the same.