While most customers are hesitant to go shopping due to the pandemic, an electronics shop in Kerala offered its customers a cashback of ₹50,000 without GST’ if they tested positive for COVID-19 within 24 hours of making a purchase. 

Just Dial

This promotional offer which was valid between August 15 and 30 was circulated both online and offline and led to the shop seeing an incredible spurt in buyers after they posted their pandemic offer.  


This offer garnered the attention of a lawyer of Pala Municipality in Kottayam by the name of Binu Pulikkakkandam, who submitted a plea to the chief minister saying that the promotional offer is unlawful and punishable. 

Those without sound financial backgrounds might be forced to get Covid-19 infection in order to earn so much of money. It is a massive appeal to spread the contagious disease intentionally. The business owner has forgotten social responsibility while aiming to flourish his business. According to IPC Section 269, Information Technology Act of 2020, Section 89 of Consumer Protection Act in 2019 and the health norms of Kerala Municipality Act, they have committed a matter of serious offence. 
The Week

Soon after the matter was notified to the Chief Minister of Kerala, the shop was shut down. A detailed enquiry into the matter has also been launched.

As per the data released by the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Kerala has 17,442 active cases of COVID-19. While 32,607 people have been cured, the coronavirus has claimed the lives of 182 people. 

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