Union Home Minister Amit Shah spoke to the public for the first time since BJP’s crushing defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections 2020. 

India Today

Speaking at the Times Now conclave, Shah claimed that provocative and controversial statements like ‘goli maaro’ and ‘India-Pakistan match’ might have hurt BJP’s chances but added that there was no tangible way to determine why people pressed which button inside the polling booth. 

Hindustan Times

Shah, who spearheaded BJP’s extremely polarising campaign in Delhi, said that everyone had the right to peacefully protest but stood firmly with the police in the case of hem entering Jamia campus.  

India TV

According to the Times of India, Shah was of the opinion that the cops had only ‘gone after’ students who had burnt buses, cars and scooters. 


Mind you, the case of students burning vehicles has not been proven yet. 

Shah also said that the BJP did not contest elections, just to win but also to breed its ideological footprint.  

We do not fight elections just for electoral victory or defeat. BJP is a party that believes in expanding its ideology. I have given everything in every election. This is not the first time we have lost. I am a worker of BJP and I believe it is important for us to go out to the people of the country to take the idea of BJP and our views to people. BJP is an ideology-based party. Elections are an opportunity for us to spread our ideology. We don’t fight only to win. I accept the Delhi verdict with all humility and in good spirit, we will sit it in the opposition and will see how the Delhi government works. 

Shah also claimed to be open to debating on the CAA and ‘welcomed’ anyone who wished to do so.