The life of a policeman isn’t easy. Putting their duty above everything else, they need to risk their lives at times for the sake of others.

As was seen recently when a 40-year-old policeman from Madhya Pradesh ran for 1 kilometre non-stop with a bomb lest it went off.


According to a report by NDTV, a bomb was found in the backyard of a local school on Friday morning in Chitora, a small village in Madhya Pradesh. 

At the time of the discovery of the bomb, there were around 400 children in the school.


The police was informed and soon enough, a team led by head constable Abhishek Patel arrived on the scene.

As everybody was wondering what to do next, Abhishek suddenly picked up the 12-inch bomb weighing 10 kgs, and started running.


All this happened so suddenly, that a proper video couldn’t be made. Only a 45 second long clip is available online as of now.


“My only aim was to carry the bomb as far away as possible from there. We’ve learnt during our training that had it exploded, it’d have damaged 500 metres of the surrounding area,” Patel was later quoted as saying.


Considering there’s an army range nearby, the bomb might’ve come from there. Meanwhile, the officials have said that the entire police team including Abhishek Patel will be rewarded for their courageous act.

Check out the video clip right here.