Daulatram Jogawat, a policeman from Madhya Pradesh who recently underwent bariatric surgery has developed several complications after the operation. 

Jogawat was fat-shamed by writer Shobhaa De, who poked fun at him during the BMC polls. Subsequently, the policeman replied saying that his excess weight was not due to overeating but a health condition. He underwent medical tests in Mumbai and opted for bariatric surgery on March 2. 

b’Police Inspector Daulatram Jogawatxc2xa0with his surgeon at Saifee Hospital. | Source: ANI’

According to Hindustan Times, Jogawat was operated at Saifee Hospital and was discharged five days later.

However, since Tuesday night, his condition has been deteriorating. While he has not eaten anything for the past 36 hours, he has constant fever and loose motions. Jogawat has been admitted to a nursing home in Neemuch.

Jogawat weighed 180 kg before the surgery and was expected to lose over 80 kg in the next 18 months. 

(Feature image source: ANI)