When a red-beaconed police vehicle arrives in the slums of Bhopal, it’s not necessarily there to arrest thieves or robbers. It’s come to pick up slum kids to take them to Hanumanganj Police Station to offer them free education. 

Six-year-old Salman, who once had goosebumps at the sight of a cop, now understands that the arrival of a policeman may not always be a signal of bad times. All because the cops at the police station turn teachers, often while they’re still in uniform, to provide free lessons to kids.

b’Representational image | Source : PTI’

The policemen have started this humanitarian gesture to keep the kids from getting involved in criminal activities, and teach them something more productive instead. Their aim is to save the future generation from entering the underworld, and give the children a basic understanding of good and evil.

The project, Bal Sanjeevani Pramarsh Kendra, is the first one of its kind and is funded by the police department of Bhopal, the Hindustan Times reports. This was originally an idea of Senior Superintendent of Police, Raman Singh Sikarwar. 

We hope other cops too take a cue from their peers in Bhopal to lend a hand to needy kids. Tgen perhaps, in a few years, they won’t have to handcuff so many criminals as they do today.

Feature image source: Bhopal online