That the protectors of our legal system are often caught napping on job, both literally and metaphorically, is old news. So, when we stumbled upon this viral video of cops in Greater Noida catching a nap, we weren’t surprised. 

Did it infuriate us? Certainly. 

After the video went viral, the authorities jumped into action and suspended the two cops. They have been sent to police lines in Greater Noida.

Just hours before this video was taken, a woman was allegedly gang-raped by three men in a moving  car in that very vicinity, reports of which had only reached the police on Tuesday morning. 

The woman, a resident of Sohna, Haryana, hails from Rajasthan and was allegedly abducted from Gurugram.  She was mercilessly raped by three men before being thrown out of the car in Greater Noida. 

All three suspects, who are yet to be identified, are absconding. 

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While many would argue that there is nothing wrong with our overworked men in khakee stealing a nap or two, let us a take a moment to acknowledge that little has improved for women since the Nirbhaya Gang rape which has chilling similarity to this case too. 

Recently,  a woman saw her eight-month old infant being thrown out of a moving auto while she was being raped on the night of 29th May in Manesar, Gurugram.  

(Feature image source: Twitter)