If you thought that only Indians are corrupted with a plethora of fake news, you’re wrong. 

Fake news is rampant all over the world and no one can differentiate between what is correct and what’s not. And with the abundance of information available on the internet about Coranvirus, this is getting worse.  

One such news of fake news corrupting people’s mind is coming out from England where 5G phone masts are being damaged all across in Liverpool, Birmingham, and Belfast. What is triggering these people to do this are multiple conspiracy theories that are linking 5G to the spread of the coronavirus.  


The theory claims that the coronavirus originated in Wuhan because the Chinese city had recently been rolling out 5G and now it is spreading to other cities that are also using 5G. There is however no truth to such claims, but this is not stopping people from burning 5G towers in England.  

Multiple videos have been shared on Facebook of 5G towers burning in England. Not just this, people are harassing those who work for these telecom companies.  

Currently, the UK has more than 50,000 cases of COVID-19 and has reported over 5000 deaths. Even their Prime Minister, Boris Johnson is battling the disease. This is bound to create panic amongst the people and these conspiracy theories are only adding more fuel to the fire.  


In times of such panic, it is, however, the most essential for people to remain calm and not trust unreliable information off the net. More importantly, it is all the more dangerous to burn huge towers in times of a pandemic, people!