Washing our hands is an important part of our hygienic process. Especially now that the coronavirus pandemic is spreading like wildfire. We all need to clean our hands with hand washes, sanitizers and soap etc as often as we can. 


This can be a little difficult to explain to a kid though. They don’t understand the gravity of the situation and being kids, are very likely to not do what’s needed at this hour. 

Unless, of course, if you have a teacher like Amanda Lorenzo from Miami-Dade County Public School district, who makes it easier for kids and some adults, to wash their hands. 

Amanda Lorenzo

The first-year teacher shared an experiment on her Instagram page involving some water, pepper and a little bit of soap.


In the video, you can see Lorenzo asking a student to dip her finger into a bowl of water with black pepper (representing the virus). She then asks the kid to check if the ‘virus’ is stuck to her finger. 

Then she asks them to put soap on their fingers and then dip it back into the water. When the student puts her soapy finger into the water, the pepper spreads out to the opposite side of the dish and her finger has no ‘virus’ on it.


The video has since gone viral and garnered 2,71,862 views at the time of writing this article. 

Speaking to Today about the experiment, Lorenzo said: 

I use TikTok. Obviously, I do it for fun but I always search up teacher ideas, teacher crafts, things to do in your classroom because a lot of teachers are on TikTok… It was a week ago or two weeks ago, I had put teacher ideas, maybe I searched something with the virus just to continue with the topic of germs and be sure to wash your hands.

You can see the Instagram post here: 

For the rest of the day after she showed this little experiment to the kids, it was observed that they actually went ahead and cleaned their hands multiple times throughout the day. So it’s safe to say, the plan worked.