In a recent survey conducted by the PwC, countries considered best for working women were revealed.


It’s no secret that women face different treatment when it comes to a professional environment. Equal pay and other professional services are among the common problems faced. 

The top ten countries considered best for women employment were as follows:

Countries whose ranking was improved significantly were Luxembourg, Poland, Belgium, Ireland and UK. While Portugal, USA and Austria have dropped the most in rankings over the period of two years.


In fact, USA’s place fell significantly, down to 14 places from when PwC started the surveys in 2000. And UK’s position barely moved since 2010.


Reportedly, India and China have been economically empowering millions of women, but according to the report, there there is definitely room for improvement.

If the ranking was to continue beyond number 10, China would have been placed in between Slovakia in 26th place and Japan at 27th, while India would be placed last, after Korea, in 33rd place.


According to PwC, 

Women in the OECD still face significant challenges and inequalities in the workplace. 

Even now, the pay gap persists and women are still under-represented in corporate leadership. 

The report also said, 

Women accounting for only one in five board seats in the largest publicly-listed companies in the OECD.

However, if worked upon, the report suggests how improving female participation in work could boost OECD GDP by US$6 trillion, while closing the gender pay gap could boost GDP by US$2 trillion.


It was noted that if India improves female participation, it would see a US$245 billion boost to female earnings from closing the gender pay gap and a US$7 trillion increase in GDP from increasing the female employment rate to the level of Sweden.

Netizens have reacted to the survey results. Commending the countries doing good.

Hoping for more improvement in the professional arena for women in the future as well.