New Zealand is the only country that has 95% chances of eliminating coronavirus, all thanks to their strategy and their response. With only 1 active case right now their model has proved to be effective. But, there are some other countries too that are moving in the right direction. 

So, let’s take a look at some other countries, apart from New Zealand, who’ve managed to keep the death rate and the number of active cases low with their quick response and their plan of action. 

1. Greenland

Total cases: 13, Active cases: 0, Deaths: 0
Agreed, they may not have the largest population in the world but, Greenland is definitely among those countries who were quick to roll out a strategy to battle the spread of coronavirus. Greenland decided to isolate itself from the rest of the world to contain the spread of the virus and to win time. And, it ultimately paid off. As of now, they don’t have any active cases.

2. Bhutan

Total cases: 48, Active cases: 37, Deaths: 0 

There is a lot we can learn from this country. Despite being one of the most under-resourced countries in the world, Bhutan, led by science and quick preventative action, managed to contain the spread of the deadly virus. They shut down borders pretty early on, they were good with testing and tracking patients and they worked together as a community.

3. Vietnam

Total cases: 329, Active cases: 22 , Deaths: 0

Vietnam is home to 95 million people but it still managed to keep the infection rate low. Despite, sharing borders with China, this country contained the spread of coronavirus. They were quick to gather information and declare it an outbreak. They also took aggressive preventive measures by ramping up their public health response to flatten the curve. And, it worked!

4. Taiwan 

Total cases: 443, Active cases: 7 , Deaths: 7
Taiwan’s unique model to battle the virus with the help of technology is quite effective and good. With strict quarantine, cellphone tracking and government database, officials contained the spread of the virus. Citizens also voluntarily partnered with the government to create a database network to track patients. Commendable!

5. Slovakia

Total cases: 1,528, Active cases: 121, Deaths: 28

Coronavirus cases are high in some European countries but, this particular country still managed to prevent its spread. Public health care authorities stocked up protective equipment and testing kits, they implemented proper tracking and the government’s quick decision to announce a nationwide lockdown, proved effective. Even the citizens did what they were told by the government.

6. Myanmar

Total cases: 236 , Active cases: 79, Deaths: 6 

This Southeast Asian country has reported less number of cases as compared to some other nations. With their military forces leading the battle against the coronavirus outbreak, Myanmar has reported only 6 deaths so far. Apart from tracking cases in the city, their emergency response team is also focusing on dispatching medical help in remote areas.

7. Iceland 

Total cases: 1,806, Active cases: 2, Deaths: 10

This country is also setting the right example with their model to battle coronavirus. Iceland started testing early. They remained one step ahead of the pandemic by preparing for it one month before it arrived in the nation. Mass-level testing and strict quarantine protocols is the key to their successful model.

USA, Brazil, Russia, Spain and India are among the worst-hit countries in the world right now, so maybe it’s time they look into the strategies these countries, mentioned above, have implemented to stop the spread of the virus. 

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