Remember the infamous, illogical notion of women and politics not mixing together? Well, it’s time to throw that notion out of the window. 

Because apparently, across the globe, all the six countries that have had a commendable response to Covid-19 had one thing in common – female leadership. 

Germany, New Zealand, Belgium, Finland, Denmark, and Iceland have had one of the more successful responses to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

All of these countries managed to flatten the curve, thanks to proactive decision-making. They were also better prepared in terms of medical gear and protective equipment for healthcare staff and the general public.

The Guardian

Moreover, the countries have also been applauded for their empathetic and transparent approach, where due consideration has been given to looking after the citizen’s social and economic welfare. 

Deccan Herald

Twitterati also highlighted how these countries’ response holds a lesson for the rest of the world: 

Even Taiwan, under its first female president, has had a commendable response to the pandemic, despite being shut out of WHO.  

While there is no discounting the efforts that other countries have also undertaken against the Covid-19 pandemic, what these six countries have achieved is truly commendable. Though the pandemic is far from over, there is definitely a thing or two that the world can learn from these countries.