When 25-year-old Savannah Koop and 26-year-old Ryan Hamilton matched with each other on a dating site last year, they didn’t know many things.

They had no idea that they’ll be planning to get married in a few months and that they will have to cancel everything because of a pandemic.

And as if that doesn’t suck already, they also won’t be able to be with each other because one of them lives in Canada and one in Bellingham, Washington. 

Now before you wonder, despite living in different countries, Savannah and Ryan matched because they live in border cities. 

And that’s exactly what is acting as a saviour for them, right now.

Canada and the US have the longest undefended border and that is where the couple now meets for dates: 6-feet-apart and under survellience.

A report from Buzzfeed quoted Savannah as saying:

We know so many people are in more dire situations, so we’re so grateful we live in an area where we can see each other in real life. But it’s hard because it’s a bit of a tease, and you still have to say goodbye.

They try to come up with ideas to make their dates fun. Sometimes they bring chairs, on other occasions, a blanket and some snacks.


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And that is how they’re passing this tough time, under the watch of officers and occasionally yelling because they can’t hear each other’s voices over the sound of traffic.