In a gesture that’s making waves today, we have a family from Maharashtra who gave their newborn daughter a grand welcome in a helicopter.

It’s no hidden truth that the birth of a girl child is not welcomed in many parts of India. But this couple in Pune celebrated the moment with utter joy!


As per reports, a couple from Shelgoan of Maharashtra’s Pune district was overjoyed with the birth of their baby girl and arranged for a helicopter ride to bring her home. 

Talking about the good news, Vishal Zarekar, the father said:

We didn’t have a girl child in our entire family. So, to make our daughter’s homecoming special, we arranged a chopper ride worth Rs 1 lakh.

The baby girl named Rajlaxmi was born on January 22 at her mother’s place in Bhosari. Later, to welcome her home the parents arranged for a special homecoming in a helicopter. 

To make the homecoming more special, flower petals were showered to welcome the baby girl. The mother and the newborn were greeted with a rose petal shower.

A girl child has been born in our household after a long time, and the joy is immense. So, my wife and I brought Rajlaxmi home in a helicopter on April 2. We went to Jejuri to seek blessings, but as we had no permission to land, we prayed from the sky.

Twitterati is overjoyed too with this gesture and feels it’s a unique way to welcome a daughter.

 Indeed, this is a wonderful gesture!

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