A few days ago, Jay Dave from Jamnagar, Gujarat posted a photo of him with a girl Alpika wearing a saffron NaMo T-shirt on Twitter stating that they got married because of Modiji.

In his tweet, he wrote, “We married because of you @narendra Modi ji”. Dave claimed that he met her after after she liked his comment supporting Modi on a Rahul Gandhi’s Facebook page.


Reports suggest that the couple got married on December 31, last year. The tweet soon went viral on social media, but surprisingly, Dave later deleted his tweet. 

While we do not know the reason why he deleted it, in another tweet, he clarified that he didn’t do this intentionally.

Almost after a month, the girl in the picture, Alpika Yadav, shared her side of the story on Twitter. 

And apparently it seems that Jay Dave used Alpika’s picture for the sake of publicity without his consent.

Further, in a series of tweets, she made some serious allegations against her husband and in-laws, accusing them of torturing her physically and mentally. 

Alpika spoke to Indiatimes about her ordeal. She said:

“He would not even allow me to speak to my parents. When I started facing the problems, I had to text to my mom while I was inside the bathroom so that he won’t know.”

She also alleged that Dave forced her to marry him.

“I am just 18 years old and he is around 29. So my parents did not support the marriage, as they felt it was way too young to get married. They asked me to wait for sometime before getting married, but he pressurized.”

According to Indiatimes, Alpika is living with her parents in Bengaluru since February 1 and she is being pressurised by her in-laws to delete her tweet.