“Love knows no age, caste or religion.”

At least, this is what a couple from Kerala believe in. Lakshmi Ammal from Thaikkattussery, Thrissur and a man named Kochaniyan finally decided to tie the knot after knowing each other for 20 years. 


Ammal, 65, lost her husband 21 years ago and Kochaniyan, 66, who used to work as an assistant caterer for her husband made a promise to him to take care of Ammal, which he abides by till date. 

Wondering, how this cute little love story started? Kochaniyan and Ammal met each other in an old-age home many years ago.


Earlier, Kochaniyan worked in a job that required him to roam the streets quite often which ultimately led him to faint and suffer a fit one day. 

After this incident, an NGO arranged for his stay in an old-age home in Ramavarmapuram where Ammal was staying for 11 months. 

Eventually, their bond grew stronger over the years and both of them fell head over heels for each other and decided to take their relationsip to the next level. 

When V G Jayakumar, the superintendent at the old-age home was informed about their relantionship, he planned on arranging their wedding. This is what he had to say:

Many of the inmates of old age homes may have someone to care for or visit them at least monthly or yearly. But for some, they are all alone with no one to care for other than their friends in the old age home. Such unions will help them remain happy for the rest of their lives.

At first, Jayakumar had to talk to his superiors about the wedding as he wasn’t sure if weddings between inmates of old-age homes were permissible or not but, to his surprise he was assured that there wouldn’t be a problem. 


Finally, Kochaniyan and Ammal are ready to tie the knot on 30th December and they are excited to begin a new chapter in their lives as a couple. 

We wish the two love-birds a happy married life.