In case you missed it, yesterday, i.e., on 16th June 2019, India thrashed Pakistan in one of the World Cup matches, and scored 336 runs for 5 wickets. After Pakistan’s loss, netizens didn’t waste any time in trolling the Pakistani team however, there was another essence captured yesterday, that won our hearts and reminded us about the true meaning of the game.

While everyone else was clearly taking sides, a Canadian couple did something totally different. They sported half-and-half stitched jerseys of India and Pakistan at the Manchester stadium to express the true sentiment of cricket, according to News18

Sources reveal that, the man is from Pakistan and the woman is from India, which is why, the couple decided to wear stitched jerseys, one half for India and one half for Pakistan, to celebrate the true essence of cricket and not the bitter rivalry that has been going on for ages.

This picture posted on Twitter captures the actual essence of cricket and here is what Twitter had to say about this couple. 

Let’s not forget the true spirit of the game over some rivalry.