Of all the things this lockdown has done to us, it has put couples in a situation they have never-experienced before.

Someone on Quora was curious to know how this lockdown has affected couples and it seems that while some are forced to stay together, others were separated without even a warning. While some relationships are blooming with love, others are on the verge of dying.

It’s been great for some…

Sky Looke

… and a dream come true for others.


While some of them are building their understanding…

Shrey Shrivastava

… others are having a wonderful time knowing each other.


There are those who are cooking and binge-watching together…

Sonu Samanta

… and those who’ll miss this ‘us’ time.

Samantha Kannan

Not everyone gets to live together. For some, distance is increasing love…


… while for others the only thing it’s increasing is misunderstanding.

Nav Deep

For some it’s the time to strengthen their bond…

Sneha Raju

… for others to steal little moments of happiness from miles apart.


There are those treasuring each moment…

Rachna Seth

… and those growing as a couple each day.

Abigail Allison

There are those keeping strong…

Antima Chauhan

… and those who are having a breakdown.


While some couples separated by distance are missing their time together…

Hossain Ahmed Shohag

… others are questioning their love for each other.


It’s indeed a roller-coaster ride.

Design Credits: Shanu Kentholia