Doggos can make everything better.

If you have a dog, you know what I mean. Those little furballs from heaven can fill our hearts with joy with their cuteness, don’t you agree? Many studies have revealed that petting or playing with dogs can help reduce stress. 

cute dog smiling

And now researchers have confirmed that co-parenting a doggo can keep couples happier and make their bonds stronger. It also trains them for marriage and kids. 

couple with pet dogs

The study was organised to check couples’ relationship statistics and it was found that 60% of them who owned a pooch agreed that their furry child has helped strengthen their relationship. Half of the participants said that their dogs have made them spend more quality time together. 

couple with pet dogs

Nearly 88% said raising a dog requires teamwork and 65% agreed that trust is needed too. Also, about 43% confessed that they find their partner sexier after getting a dog together. 

couple with pet dogs

It was also found that couples who raise a dog together are happier than those who do not. Speaking of which, Hayley Quinn, dating expert, said: 

Owning a pet together can improve the quality of your relationship. Seeing your partner demonstrate their emotional traits, such as care and compassion, can be extremely attractive and, as this study shows, increases sexual desire. 

The deal seems pretty promising, what do you think?