According to the orders of Delhi Court, none of the Nirbhaya rape and murder case convicts will be hanged on February 1. Their execution was postponed. 


Their death warrant was initially re-scheduled for February 1st, 6.a.m after one of the convict’s mercy plea was dismissed by President Kovind. 

The court hasn’t given a new date for the execution of the four death row inmates, yet. A.P Singh one of the convicts lawyer further mentioned: 

Death warrant has been cancelled and no new date has been given. 
India Today

As Nirbhaya’s mother was dealing with delayed justice, she claimed that the lawyer challenged her in court. She further said: 

He challenged me…he said there would be no hanging. 
India TV

According to NDTV, it is the mercy petition filed by convict Vinay Sharma that has delayed every convict’s execution hours before they were about to be hanged. Even if the President rejects it today, the convict has to be given 14 days till execution.