You know all our parents, irrespective of what part of the country we are from, always had to swim across crocodile-infested waters, climb mountains with gorillas etc to go to school. And who can forget the classic, studying under a streetlight thing?

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Yeah, the next time they tell you that story, throw them this one. This is the story of a girl from Jharkhand who beat COVID-19, Chicken Pox and a road accident to crack UPSC. 


Mumal Rajpurohit, the daughter of Jamshedpur chief forest conservator Jabbar Singh achieved a 173rd All India Rank (AIR) in UPSC this year in her fourth attempt.

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Speaking to Hindustan Times she said: 

I got infected with chickenpox 21 days ahead of my preliminary exams, met with a road accident a day ahead of Mains and had tested positive for COVID in Delhi two months before the interview round. Time management is the key to crack the civil services exams. 

WOW! Just wow! That is some commitment. And she says, it’s just time management. I am like how many hours a day did she have!


I mean, I’ve taken sick leaves for getting nicked while shaving. 

Meanwhile, Kansa panchayat in Dhalbhumgarh block of Jamshedpur (East Singhbhum) district also celebrated as Shantanu Kumar Singh, son of Kansa mukhiya Purna Chandra Singh, secured an All India Rank of 654.