With India under lockdown, people are expected to stay indoors and only venture out if it is of utmost necessity. However, while a lockdown and social distancing are essential to stop the spread of the Coronavirus, it has also left hundreds stranded with no place to call home, and no way to feed themselves or their family. And for the homeless, hunger is still a bigger worry than the virus. 

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In case you have the means to, and wish to help those in need, here’s a list of places you can donate: 

1. Covid-19 Fundraisers on Ketto 

Different fundraisers, such as Covid-19 relief kits, ventilators, etc. have been started on the platform and you can donate as per your means and interest. Check out all the fundraisers here


2. Covid-19 Relief Kits by Safa Society

Provide basic ration and hygiene supply kits to those in dire need. Donate here.


3. N95 Masks for Medical Staff

The medical staff is most in need of N95 masks as they are in constant contact with the patients. A single mask costs ₹200. Donate here.  

COVID-19 Masks

4. Give India Fundraiser for Daily Wage Workers

A large part of India’s unorganized sectors lives on daily earnings and are going to be the worst affected by the pandemic. You can learn more about the fundraiser here

fundraisers. give india

5. Milaap Fundraisers for Covid-19

Various fundraisers to fight Covid-19 and help those in need have been started. Check them out here. 

6. Zomato Feeding India

Know more about how Zomato is helping the informal workforce, specifically the daily wager, here. You can contribute to the funds here

7. WHO Covid-19 Response Fund

You can read here on how WHO is working, across the globe, in supporting countries to ‘to prevent, detect, and respond to the pandemic.’ You can donate here.

8. Our Democracy Covid-19 Fundraisers

Various fundraisers, in different cities, have been started and you can contribute, as per your means and interests here

9. Help Wastepickers via Hasiru Dala

Know more about them here

10. Give2Asia Funds for frontline workers

They work with local partners to help frontline workers. Know more about them here

11. Project Aesha for single mothers from NE Delhi

Only a month ago, North-East Delhi was the center for one of the worst cases of communal violence in recent history in India. People who were affected by the violence are not well-equipped to deal with the lockdown and you can help them here

12. Help the voiceless by donating to VOSD- Voice for Stray Dogs

Coronavirus does not spread through animals, but due to the essential lockdown and rumors, the strays may end up starving with no food or water. You can help them, through the comfort of your home, by donating to VOSD here.

13. Fundraisers on Impact Guru

Various fundraisers, focused on the elderly, daily wagers, stray animals, etc. have been organized. Know more about them here.  

The way we respond to this pandemic will determine the shape the world takes, and a helping hand goes a long way. 

All images are from the individual donation sites/pages, unless specified otherwise.