In this pandemic some of us may enjoy the luxury of working from home–and yes, it is a luxury indeed–but, for many of our frontline workers, work from home is an impossible dream. 

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Among these frontline workers are female journalists who have gone above and beyond their duty. They consistently risked their lives to share stories of people in need, to provide whatever help they could and ultimately, amplify the voice of those left stranded: 

1. Rana Ayyub

Under the lockdown, Rana Ayyub has shown the way forward not just for fellow journalists, but for people in general. Along with a set group of volunteers, Rana has started a relief campaign that has consistently served essential rations to people from low-income groups. In spite of the on-going fasts due to Ramzaan, she and her team continued to serve those in need. 

And she has been carrying the relief work, while sharing information about global incidents, India’s migrant crisis, and acknowledging the efforts of local heroes and volunteers. 

2. Faye D’Souza

In a world where the lines between real and fake news are blurring with alarming frequency, D’Souza’s social media updates on current affairs shine as a beacon of honest, exigent facts. 

Apart from in-depth reporting of what it is like working in PPE kits, what change in labor laws would mean, the Amphan cyclone, etc., Faye also dedicated her YouTube channel’s first earning towards buying N95 masks for an NGO run for pregnant women in rural and remote India.

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This is Dr Aparna Hegde, @hegdeaparna she is my hero. She has trained as a Uro- Gynaecologist in some of the most prestigious institutions in the world. She could have lived anywhere in the world and been a hot shot doctor. But, she chose to come back to India and serve the poorest along with running her practice. She has founded an NGO that gives care to pregnant women in rural and remote India. And she is an working as an honorary professor ( free) in CAMA hospital where she is setting up a new department. During covid she has helped set up the covid Ward that is delivering babies from covid positive women, many of whom come from the slums. Even though the govt has given them PPE there is still a short fall. My team and I used the first Rs 10,000 we earned from our new 8pm YouTube show to buy N95 masks for the team at CAMA .

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3. Barkha Dutt

Ever since the lockdown began, veteran journalist Barkha Dutt’s on-ground reporting of the migrant crisis has helped the stories of their struggle and suffering reach the masses. Her brand of journalism ensured that these workers don’t become a ‘nameless casualty’ of the pandemic. 


It was only when she raised her voice on how the bodies of the workers who had, unfortunately, died in the Auralia accident were being transported, that an ambulance was arranged. 

To put it simply, though her work over the last two months has been anything but simple, she ensured that migrant workers received dignity in death, even if the same wasn’t afforded to them in life. 

4. Ashwini M Sripad

At a time when the Indian economy is well heading towards a deep recession, journalist Ashwini took it upon herself to help the farmers with the sale of their produce. 

She has been promoting local, farmers’ produce for almost a month now, while also throwing light on other issues.  

5. Rituparna Chatterjee

Working in PPE kits is not easy, especially for female doctors and nurses. Because, as Rituparna’s report exposed, PPE kits were not designed keeping menstruation in mind. This isn’t the first time that Rituparna has worked to highlight the challenges that women face. 

Additionally, at a time when the lockdown has led to layoffs across industries, Rituparna has also been posting about job openings.  

It is truly commendable to see these journalists work tirelessly, not just to retain the sanctitiy of journalism as a profession, but to also restore our crumbling faith in humanity.