Coronavirus cases in Delhi have been skyrocketing, and our medical facilities are simply unable to keep up. They are overburdened and overworked, making things especially difficult for those actually suffering from the illness.

Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal announced today that covid patients who are isolating at home can now obtain oxygen by calling a number.

According to NDTV, breathing difficulty and low oxygen levels in blood are the most common complications. This will help ease their pain. Coronavirus patients who have facilities at home and have no other risk factors like diabetes, hypertension or kidney problems, can avail home isolation in Delhi.


The government will be providing Pulse Oxymeters – a special machine to measure oxygen levels in blood – at home, so patients are able to breathe well.

Meanwhile, district authorities have been provided with oxygen concentrators – a medical device that assists people who have a low level of oxygen in their blood.


Hopefully, these steps will help provide some relief to those suffering, as well as lift the burdens on hospitals and Covid centres that are seeing an exponential increase in daily patients.