The General Administration Department of Madhya Pradesh has issued an order for all government offices to be cleaned with phenyl made of cow urine, instead of chemically-made phenyl. At this point, the irony is too glaring to ignore! 

Cows in India
Source: CodaStory

The 'cow cabinet' - a first of its kind cabinet that combined six departments - issued the order on Saturday. 

As per reports, Animal husbandry department minister Prem Singh Patel stated that the order was to 'improve the conditions' of cows, specially non-milking cows, in MP. 

We generated the demand before the production. Now, people will not leave the non-milking cows abandoned. This will improve the condition of cows in Madhya Pradesh.
Stray Cows
Source: Indian Express

Twitter had a lot to say about this decision:

Can't help but wonder if that makes a government job more or less attractive to the average Indian. Why not let us know your thoughts about this decision in the comments section below?