A legislator from Assam has made quite an unusual statement while delivering a speech in his constituency during a cultural event. 

BJP leader Dilip Kumar Paul claimed that cows give more milk when a flute is played. He said that the amount of milk increases multiple times when the flute is played in “a special tune which Lord Krishna used to do”. 


In his statement, he mentioned

It has been proven by modern scientists that if we can play the flute in a special tune, which Lord Krishna used to do, the amount of milk increases multiple times. This was the science of ancient times and we are going to bring this technique back to modern times.  I am not a scientist, but with vast knowledge in Indian traditional study I can say that these claims are true and scientists nowadays have started believing in these ideas.  
Hindustan Times

When the legislator was questioned about this research, he mentioned a Gujarat-based NGO which had done some research a few years ago where the connection between flute tunes and increase in milk yield was proved.  

Unlike milk from foreign breeds which give pure white milk, the quality of milk of Indian cows, which is light yellow in colour is much tastier and healthier. Products like cheese, butter, made from milk of Indian cows are also better than those of foreign breeds. 
Barak Bulletin

Not just that, Paul also talked about the smuggling of cattle from India to Bangladesh through the borders in Assam, Meghalaya, West Bengal as Tripura and added

We call the cow ‘gau-mata’ (mother). But thousands of them are being smuggled to Bangladesh every year. This should be stopped.
Indian Express

Dilip Paul had hit the headlines last year for criticizing then Silchar MP for riding on the shoulder of a male supporter while participating at a protest.