Politicians have a knack of making statement that are bizarre and court controversy on social media. 

From “cow urine can cure cancer” to now, “cow is the only animal that exhales oxygen”, once again, a BJP minister has made an unscientific statement, which baffles netizens. 

India Today

With another bewildering statement, Uttarakhand CM Trivendra Singh Rawat has found himself in the limelight again. 

Mr. Rawat had said that cow is the only animal that exhales oxygen, reports NDTV

Hindustan Times

In a video that went viral, he added that massaging the animal can cure breathing problems. 

India Today

An official, who requested anonymity, defended Rawat’s comments, saying that he only stated what is the common belief here in the hills of Uttarakhand. 

But of course, Twitterati was in no mood to give his weird and illogical statement any authentication. 

Truth may hurt many but the fact remains that no animal, including cows, can re-release oxygen in the environment.