If you think you're the only one feeling the winter blues, then think again! Because cows in Russia are really struggling against the winter blues, and they have a 'better solution' in place than most of us - virtual reality glasses. 

Cows with VR headset in Russia
Source: techspot

Reportedly, in order to help the cows with the changing weather, farmers in Moscow fitted their cows with virtual reality glasses that 'simulate a summer field'. And apparently, it has resulted in making the cows calmer and improved their overall emotional mood. 

VR Headset on Cows
Source: themoscowtimes

The researchers are now planning to continue monitoring the cows in order to test for change in milk production, if any. 

Guess it's time for Matrix: The Bovine Version. 

Earlier this week, Nigam Commission of Ayodhya had decided to get coats made for cows all over the region.