It is the month of Ramadan and we stay hungry and thirsty and we understand how it feels. So we decided to skip Eid and whatever money we save, we will help the poor with it.

That is what 22-year-old cricketer Sarfaraz Khan said when asked about his plans for the upcoming festival. 

Circle Of Cricket

Sarfaraz, who made it to news after breaking Sachin Tendulkar’s 45-year-old record by scoring 439 runs in the Harris Shield inter-school tournament, had planned to visit his home in Uttar Pradesh for 2 days in March when the lockdown got imposed.

Following which, he could not return to Mumbai. However, he decided to make use of his time back home by giving something back to society.

Along with his brother and father, Sarfaraz has handed out thousands of packages of food and water to migrant workers headed back home. 

Together, they are making sure that no one remains hungry or thirsty in this long, tiresome journey back home. 

So they hand out packages containing fruits, biscuits and water – a deed that has earned them a lot of respect.

After a great run in the Ranji Trophy, Sarfaraz was gearing up for an even better IPL but the universe threw those plans into the wind.

Hence, he decided to contribute to a bigger cause. Speaking to PTI, he said, “When we used to go to the market, we used to see scores of people travelling on the roads. And hence we decided to help them. It was my father’s idea to help migrant workers”.

Kindness goes a long way in these trying times.