Human beings aren’t known to be very considerate of others and, time and time again, we prove it to the world without shame. And for those of us who actually care, their appeals and concerns get drowned in the ‘noise’ created by the ones who don’t.

That is literally what has happened. According to a Facebook post by Madras Crocodile Bank Trust/Centre for Herpetology, one of their Cuban crocs died as a result of stress caused from the loud music from the Sheraton Grand Chennai Resort and Spa next door.


The Cuban crocodile comes under the Critically Endangered species in the World Conservation Union listing.

Apparently, the group had made repeated requests to the hotel to lower down their volume but all their efforts were in vain.

Reportedly, last month, the group had sat down with the hotel authorities and had a dialogue over what the decibel limit for their loud ‘events’ should be. 
The group made it very clear that such loud noises can cause a significant amount of stress to the animals and also disturb their mating and behaviour patterns.

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Based on their post in February, the hotel authorities and the conservation group came to a mutual agreement of maintaining the legal decibel level.

But clearly, if we see their recent post, the complete opposite happened and a Cuban crocodile lost her life while heavy bass music was played in the hotel’s lawn. The Cuban crocodile enclosure is around 50ft away from the wall which divides the hotel from them.

The post also mentions that the group will now attempt to move the group to another location, which will be very inconvenient and expensive to do so.

The group is shattered at the loss of the female Cuban crocodile.

You can read the latest post here.