A man’s life was saved after a dog of the Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF), which was accompanying a bomb disposal squad, alerted the force while crossing the Jammu-Srinagar National Highway in Ramban district of Jammu and Kashmir.

According to a video by ANI, the man was trapped under the debris of a landslide and the dog, the force took cues from Ajaxi’s alert signals when they reached milestone 147 in the Ramban district. Reportedly, the bomb disposal squad of 72nd battalion CRPF was conducting checks at the highway. 

After Ajaxi’s alert signals, the force took the cue from the dog by searching the area and found a man trapped in debris from a landslide which had taken place the previous night. 

Jammu-based CRPF PRO Ashish Kumar Jha said

Seeing a life at risk, the troops reached the spot and alerted E/239 Battalion of the force deployed in the nearby area. Wasting no time, company commander, Inspector NN Murmu reached the spot along with his men and started rescuing the trapped man.

He also added that Army personnel also joined the rescue operation and helped in saving Pradeep Kumar’s life who is a native of Ludhwal village. 

According to reports, Kumar is receiving medical aid but is unable to speak due to being in shock from the incident. The report also says that the man is mentally unsound and used to roam the highway.


Several landslides hit the 270 km-long highway at Ramban and Udhampur districts which has led to closing down of the only all-weather road which connects Kashmir to the rest of the country.


The ongoing Amarnath yatra from Jammu was also put on hold for the day while the authorities try to clear out the highway.