Social distancing is not a choice anymore, people just have to do it for themselves and for the greater good.

And passengers on Vasco Da Gama, a cruise, wouldn't be complaining about that at all.

800 of them will be quarantined in Rottnest island in Western Australia, which is famous for its beaches and quokkas who look like this. 

And since Perth has closed off its shores for docking, all of these cruisers will be staying in the properties on the island. This includes, hostels, dorms bungalows and cabins. 

But coming back to quokkas, the animals are the size of a domestic cat and they are nocturnal and herbivorous..

There population is dwindling, though, and as of now and they fall in 'vulnerable' category.

The passengers will be provided with all basic facilities and medical help, including helicopter service which can take them to the hospitals nearest from the island.  

Australia currently has 2,400 positive cases of coronavirus with 9 casualties.