If you are an emotional person who tends to cry a lot, don’t feel too bad about it anymore because according to a study, crying actually helps to shed a few extra kilos. 

According to an article published by AsiaOne, apparently, one tends to lose weight as the hormones from emotional crying help to increase the cortisol level when we have bottled-up emotions.

The study also revealed that stress-induced tears have the ability to remove toxic substances from the body and this theory has been backed by William Frey, a biochemist. Moreover, our body can’t store more fat when we are shedding tears, because all the stressful hormones that were bottled-up would’ve been released through this excretory process. 

Having said that, the study reveals that you can reap these benefits only when your tears are triggered by real emotions so, no crocodile tears please. 

Just FYI, there are 3 types of tears namely:

Basal tears: that keep our peepers moist; 

Reflex tears: that we involuntarily shed due to environmental stressors like smoke and wind; 
Psychic tears: linked to our true feelings and human emotions.

This means that only Psychic tears have the ‘losing weight‘ effect. And apparently, crying anytime between 7 pm to 10 pm is the best time to sob and cry your heart out to optimize the cortisone releasing effect, says Women’s Health

So next time, don’t feel guilty and embarrassed if you cry while watching your favourite rom-com on Netflix because a good cry isn’t just good for releasing pent-up emotions for the sake of mental stability but it is also great for our physical well-being. 

But, this in no way means that you should start sobbing at every little thing, okay?