Baba Ramdev’s Patanjali Ayurveda officially announced the launch of its instant noodles — seen by many as a replacement for the banned Maggi noodles — by next week. It will be priced at Rs 15 for a packet.

Ramdev said, “Our noodles will be available at Rs 15, whereas other used to sell it for Rs 25 and its taste-maker will be a health maker.” He further said, “Patanjali noodles will use rice-bran oil and not cheap and inferior palm oil as used by others.”


This might come as a good news for all the Maggi lovers who had to suffer after it went off the shelves following regulatory orders.

Phrasing the catchline for the noodles as “Jhat pat pakao, aur befikr khao”, the yoga guru claimed it will have ‘no added MSG and lead’. Maggi noodles, which was being sold by Swiss giant Nestle with a catchline of ‘two-minute’ noodles, was banned after food regulator FSSAI found excess lead and taste enhancer MSG despite the ‘No MSG’ labelling.

These findings were later challenged by the company before the Bombay High Court, which quashed those orders and ordered fresh tests. Nestle is looking to relaunch the product by December.

Baba Ramdev | Source: PTI

“We will launch Patanjali noodles on October 15. It will be made from whole wheat flour (atta), not like noodles of other companies which are made up of maida and has only 10 per cent atta,” Ramdev said at a press conference.

Baba Ramdev says that they are working on the principles of swadeshi and has no issues with the functioning of FSSAI and is open to any scrutiny of his products.

(With inputs from PTI)