IIM-A is pretty much the place every college-going student wants to go if he’s planning for an MBA. Lakhs of students prep for CAT (Common Admission Test) and dream about graduating from one of the country’s most prestigious B-Schools. However, a recent RTI application gave out actual figures why many hardworking students despite the competent scores haven’t been able to make the cut. Take a look:

Two words – reserved categories. We can all see how the cut-offs for the current batch have taken a dive from 60.93 to 38.34 for the Scheduled Tribes. The whole reservation topic can become a controversial debate – however, we need to ask ourselves – what kind of students do we wish to see as products of a premier institute like IIM-Ahmedabad? Why did IIM-A lower the cutoffs to such a level? And what about the deserving students missing out? Questions and only plenty of questions pop up after this disclosure.