Mohammad Khalid, a 31-year-old Delhi resident has been arrested by the police for sending obscene messages and porn video clips to about 1,500 women.

He was apprehended after a woman from Ashok Vihar filed a complaint about receiving indecent messages from two different mobile numbers, reported India Today.

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The cops claim that they have recovered phone numbers of nearly 2,100 women and hundreds of porn videos and messages from Khalid, who would randomly call a number and then save it if a woman answered the phone.

Then based on the women’s WhatsApp profile pictures, he would rate them as “A” or “A+” or “A++” on his phone and start harassing them with lewd messages, reported NDTV.

If a woman complained, his messages would become even more offensive. He also threatened them that he would put their mobile numbers and photographs on Facebook to malign their image, which scared the victims so much that they never reported the matter to the police. 

b’Mohammad Khalid’

Khalid lives in Ballimaran in Old Delhi and also owns a bag shop there. He was arrested while he was recharging his phone at a shop that had been under surveillance. He allegedly kept three Sim cards and two mobile phones for his activities.