Cyclone Tauktae brought with it heavy rains and gusty storms in coastal areas of Kerala, Goa, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat. 

But, Mumbaikars witnessed a different kind of problem. It was noticed that the beaches of Mumbai were filled with garbage dumped on its shores but, the real question is, where did it all come from? The answer is the sea.

Yup, the sea threw back all the waste that we humans have been dumping into it for so years and this just goes on to show the amount of colossal damage we have caused to the environment.

Have a look at these pictures and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Shocking, right? Well, we humans are responsible for it.  

According to a report by TOI, civic waste management workers collected over 62,000 kgs of garbage from 7 beaches in the city.

Here’s what social media users had to say about this.

We can do better than this.