The Dalai Lama may be a revered spiritual leader, but his latest statement proves that even the best of the lot are prone to regressive beliefs. 

In a recent interview with BBC, the Dalai Lama was asked whether he’s open to the idea of a female successor. Here’s what his response was.

If female Dalai Lama comes, then [she] should be more attractive. People, I think, prefer not see that [unattractive] face. 

This seems to be a belief he has upheld since his 2015 interview where he said an unattractive female successor would be of “not much use”. 


When interviewer Rajini Vaidyanathan interjected saying his words seemed like he was objectifying women, he said,

Real beauty is inner beauty, that’s true. I think the appearance is also important. 

His problematic streak continued when he voiced his opinion on migrants and refugees. He himself being a refugee in self-exile for years had this to say,

A limited number is OK. But for the whole of Europe to eventually become a Muslim country? Impossible. Or an African country, also impossible. 

Amidst his less than favourable comments, there was one redeemable moment when he condemned the Trump administration by saying that his emotions are “a little bit too complicated.” 

He also criticised the US President’s “America First” motto and said the US needs to “take the global responsibility”