In an act of extreme intolerance towards people belonging to a ‘lower’ caste, five Dalit women were beaten up and were paraded naked by 15 villagers belonging to the OBC section in Shahjahanpur, Uttar Pradesh.

The villagers brutally beat and caned them and later made them stand on the highway, bare bodied, all because, a girl from the OBC Kashyap caste (which is considered to be an upper class as compared to the Dalits) eloped with one of their sons, reports Daily Mail .

“They dragged us out of our houses on Saturday, stripped us in the middle of the village, beat us with batons, and took us to a tea stall on the Saraya-Budhwana Road where passersby stopped to leer at us. This continued for about four hours before some other villagers intervened,” one of the victims told the police.

Source: Daily Mail

Followed by police complaints, four villagers were arrested, one of whom is the girl’s father.

According to reports, the girl’s father denied the allegation of making the women parade naked and said that the Dalit boy had kidnapped the girl who was going to the farm field, accompanied by her mother.

“The police officers of Shahjahanpur have been asked to probe the case and take action against whosoever is guilty. I have also asked them to recover the girl, who is a minor,” he said.

“Cases have been registered against 15 people, including women of their family for allegedly helping the men in attacking the Dalits,” said the Additional Superintendent of Jalalabad police, Asharam Yadav.