Despite it barely having an atmosphere and reasonable temperatures to sustain life, most of us wouldn’t mind moving to Mars. But since that is highly expensive and at our current speed, takes about a year to reach, let me take you to a place on Earth, that is a close enough resemblance. 


Welcome to Dallol, Ethiopia, the hottest inhabited place on Earth, whose landscape just seems a scenic as the Red Planet. 

Located in the Afar Region of north-east Ethiopia, Dallol Desert also has a few active volcanoes, including Erta Ale. The place is full of extraordinary lava lakes and sulfur pools. 


Obviously, the sun does do enough to keep it that hot but its the air and gas from hot sulfur springs and boiling lava lakes, that cause the temperature to reach 105°F (41°C) on average. Not only is Dallol the hottest place on Earth, but driest as well.

The colours of geysers, acidic hot springs and craters, vary from acid green to rusty red. Now the pictures may look like there are some sort of colour enhancement or heat signatures but trust me, they have not been tampered with. This is just how Dallol looks. 


It is a very remote and least explored part of the world. However, it is still inhabited by the Afar people, a nomadic tribe who live in mobile huts and have small livestock.

Wandering Trader

For the Afar people and others in the region, salt is the main source of income. They travel for days through the dry desert, to sell the salt. So if you ever want to get really scorched, you know where to go.