Being a part of the most successful Bollywood movie ever would mean having the time of your life. But not for Dangal actress, Zaira Wasim, who seems to be getting embroiled in one controversy after another. 

After the actress recently put up a ‘confession’ on Facebook shocking everyone, she seems to have now entered into a spat on Twitter with Sports minister Vijay Goel.

Here, we would like to tell our readers that Zaira’s Twitter account that sparred with Goel is not verified, and social media is only speculating that account to be hers. 

b”(Left) Zaira’s verified FB account. (Right) Zaira’s alleged Twitter account”

Meanwhile, on Friday, Vijay Goel posted a photo from the India Art Fest at Thyagraj Stadium in Delhi, which showed a painting of a woman and tagged Zaira’s alleged account in the tweet. The painting showed a girl in hijab, while in the foreground, a young girl sits trapped in a birdcage.

But it wasn’t greeted kindly. Here are the tweets that went on to slam Goel posted from Zaira’s alleged account. The sports minister’s likening her experiences to that of a Muslim woman breaking free of the veil was criticised.

And also sort of rebuked the minister for unnecessarily dragging her name

Shortly later, Goel responded that his remark was misunderstood and posted a series of tweets to clear the air.